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Author Visit: Mitali Perkins

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Mitali Perkins

Crossroads' 2016 and

2010 Visiting Author

Life Between Cultures



Here's what teachers and students are saying about her earlier visit:

"Fantastic author!"

" ,,,very relevant to our students and school community"

"In my three years here, ...my favorite author"

"...a dynamic and engaging presentation"

"Loved her!"



Visit her website or her blog



Materials to share:


Author's Bio



Straight Talk on Race: Challenging the Stereotypes in Kids' Books

By Mitali Perkins -- School Library Journal, 4/1/2009



Teaching Tolerance Story and Classroom Activity



No Place Like Home:  SLJ Article



A Whole New World: Tips on Writing (Document)


A Note to Young Immigrants



Bamboo People Website and about the author

Visit the web page

Discussion Guide


Watch her book trailers:

Bamboo People (Unofficial)


Secret Keeper


First Daughter:



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