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Social "Read-ia" Challenge

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Have fun sharing great books with your classmates.

Earn points in our Social "Read-ia" Challenge!



Your ScoreCard




January 7-11 Activities

Flipgrid Reviews: https://flipgrid.com/northbookflips

Select the appropriate grade, and then create or watch reviews to help you and others find a great book to read.

Use the book title as the title for your video. 

Create a flipgrid= 20 points each

Watch a flipgrid= 1 point each


Alexandria Reviews:  2 points each



SB Reads Bookmark Contest: 40 points for submission

Design a Bookmark for our theme SB Reads Around the Globe. Draw it on 8 1/2 x 11" paper. Write Your Name and Unit on the back. Do not include the theme--that will be added.


Post-It Reviews

Find the book, create the Post-it, and place the Note into the back of the book by the date due card.

Place it on the Posted Cart = 4 points each


Augmented Reality Book view= 5 points 

Use the ipad with the identified book or worksheet to experience AR and earn points


Favorite book of 2018 Graffiti Wall=  2 points

Use the markets or paint pens provided to share your best title from 2018 on our Graffiti Wall


SB Reads Around the Globe Book Checkout = 5 points

Select a book that meets this criteria and earn 5 points:

  • explores characters or cultures beyond or within our borders;

  • expands our world view by better understanding the experiences, thoughts, and beliefs of others; and

  • enriches our compassion and kindness for all people.





































Even more Challenge Ideas and See Examples from North Students!



Create a Book Face




share it with Ms. Zito


25 points













See more examples at: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/45247171235552158


Create a #BookSnap


and share it with


Ms. Zito


25 points 


A #BookSnap starts with a photo of text, and then you select a quote, which you put in as a caption. then annotate with images.

Download as an image and upload it to drive and then share it with Mrs. Zito.

No Snapchat account? No problem!

How to with Google Slides

How to with Google Drawing


Create a Magazine Cover, Trading Card or Movie Poster for a book.

You can use Google Slides, Canva, BigHugeLabs

25 points 



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