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Database Detectives 2017

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Here's your mission: Discover the evidence for why you should be careful when using Google for your Internet searches.


Explore the links below to list as many reasons as you can why Google

should not necessarily be your first choice when searching for information.



Sometimes when you search, you get more than you bargained for! Read on:



Sometimes when it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it isn't.



Do you feel that you're being watched?  You might not just be paranoid...



It must be okay to use Google to search for images, right? 



What About Wikipedia? It's always right up there at the top of the results lists but is it true that "Experts are not welcome [on Wikipedia]," [Eric Barbour, a former Wikipedia editor] said. "And crazy people are welcome."  Read to find out more:



If there's time, watch this overview of the benefits of databases:


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