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Human Rights

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Ready to Research Human RIghts?


Our target for today:  

Explore trusted sources and find at least one topic of interest in the area of human rights to research.


Universal Declaration of Human Rights:





Try one of these sources to explore your topic.



Ebscohost Explora



Facts on File/ Infobase World Geography and Culture


Search for your topic, e.g. child labor


Learn360 Video database



Human Rights Organizations:


Human Rights Watch



Amnesty International:  Research 



Global Issues: United Nations



17 Global Goals from the UN



Human Rights



Poverties/ Global Issues



Human Rights Watch Topics



Youth for Human Rights




Human Rights Issues

/our-work/issues/prisoners-and-people-at-risk Prisoners and People at Risk
Prisoners and people at risk are those whose human rights have been violated or are under threat of violation.
Poverty and Human Rights
Everyone, everywhere has the right to live with dignity. That means that no one should be denied their rights to adequate housing, food, water and sanitation, and to education and health care.
Death Penalty
The death penalty is the ultimate, irreversible denial of human rights. It is the premeditated and cold-blooded killing of a human being by the state.
Security and Human Rights
Amnesty International insists that states must respect human rights in any actions they take in the name of national security or countering terrorism.
Refugee and Migrant Rights
Every day across the world refugees, migrants and internally displaced persons make the difficult decision to leave their homes.
Torture and cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment must stop. Those responsible for authorizing it must be held accountable.
Women's Rights
Living free from violence is a human right. Yet millions of women and girls around the world encounter rape, domestic abuse, mutilation and other forms of gender-based violence.
Children's Rights
Across the world, children are denied their human rights. They miss out on their right to education. They are abandoned and left to fend for themselves on the street. They are recruited into armed forces. They are subjected to the death penalty and suffer many other forms of violence.
Censorship and Free Speech
Everyone has the right to seek, receive and impart information and ideas without fear or interference.
Business and Human Rights
Privatization and economic globalization have given companies unprecedented access to new territories, and expanded their reach across national borders.
LGBT Rights
All people, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity should enjoy equal human rights.
Military, Police and Arms
By encouraging governments to act responsibly in this area, Amnesty International USA seeks to prevent or minimize violations or abuses of humanitarian and human rights law.
International Justice
International justice is the cooperation between countries to hold accountable individuals accused of grave human rights abuses, such as genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.


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