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Creating Readers: Informational Text

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*highlighted tools

Informational Text 
Name Description Suggestions for Use Examples




Newsela helps students build reading comprehension with nonfiction that's always relevant: daily news at 5 reading levels.
    ~Differentiate using leveled readings for students    Newsela Category: Kids 




World News for Students of English 

 ~Differentiate using leveled readings for students  

~AImed at ELL 

Example Article: Incident at the White House 




From Smithsonian

Features topics about animals, fashion, entertainment, school, science, technology, national and world news written by kids and professional journalists.

Lexile-leveled for K-12

 ~Differentiate using leveled readings for students 


Example: Antarctic Meteorites that Hail From Mars 




The daily articles at the National Center for Family Literacy's Wonderopolis are educational and aimed at kids.  They're just plain interesting, and make for addictive reading 
~Practice with engaging informational text 






Dailyread curates the best articles from reputable publications, rewrites them in multiple reading levels, and provides discussion questions with each article. 
~Differentiate using leveled readings for students    The Death of a Gorilla Highlights Safety Concerns about Zoos 

Dogo News



Select articles based on categories or grade levels.

~Differentiate based on interest and reading level

~Tied to standards

Researchers Stumble Upon A Treasure Trove Of Ancient Shipwrecks in The Black Sea

Zinio Subscription Service

From SBPL and Libraries of Middlesex



Download free magazines or read online or in ipad app.

Not from Middlesex County? Check your library's website to see if you have access to e-magazines.


Flipster Subscription service

From Mercer County Library system



Download free magazines or read them online or using the ipad app.

Not from Mercer County? Check your library's website to see if you have access to e-magazines.



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