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Creating Readers Apps and App Smashing

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*Indicates tool highlighted in presentation


Name Description Suggestions for Use Examples


Quick Start Guide


Easily create videos in the classroom! Students as young as five can make videos to tell stories, explain ideas or docment their learning. 30+ lesson ideas supporting Common Core make it easy to get started!


~Practice reading aloud from a book or poem
~Summarize a story describing beginning, middle and end
~Diagram a sentence or describe grammar rules
~Create an infomercial for a make-believe product
~Describe the steps of how to make something
~Practice spelling by sounding out words
Third Grade Examples  



Similar to Blabberize, Chatterpix allows students to take any photo, draw a line to make a mouth, and record their voice.

~book reports

~book trailers

~biography report 

Book Report 

Yakit Kids

From the iTunes store



This app can bring any photo/artwork to life with comical and cool features. Simply take or select a picture and highlight the mouth and record your voice to make your very own talking character. Tweak your video by changing  the voice pitch, add special effects.

Demo video

~create a Yakit using new vocabulary

~bring a story character to life

create a YAKiT of major characters from classroom novels or outside reading





The Tellagami App is free. Tellagami Edu allows for more options and costs $4.99

Graphite Review

~create a character from a book or story to explain motivation or recap story

~recite or read original work

~read from a book or story

~book reviews 

Book Reviews from Mrs. Griffin's Library


Lego Movie Maker



Create stop motion movies using the free app. 


~Students create movie to act out scene or story

~Visual representation of vocabulary words

~No Lego needed! Students can create with clay or play-doh

The Hobbit 




 Freemium App allows for video calls to read books together, which are built into the program, or to play games.

~Connect students with older students

~Connect students with reading buddies 

Sample screen shot

Green Screen DoInk


Take photos and place them on a background photo 

~Students layer photo of themselves over book cover for reviews or reader response

~Take photo of text and students can record themselves reading

HS students critiquing film version of Romeo and Juliet




Make your images come alive with private video, notes, or even music from YouTube.

~Support vocabulary by linking to images representing meaning

~Insert links to answer text-dependent questions

~Interactive book talk

~Interactive author study

Laurie Halse Anderson


Literary Analysis ThingLink



App Smashing


App Smashing is the process of using multiple apps to create projects or complete tasks. App Smashing can provide your students with creative and inspired ways to showcase their learning and allow you to assess their understanding and skills. By introducing your students to a core of key apps, giving them the parameters of the project, and supporting them as they learn and create, you will very quickly be facilitating App Smashing in your classroom.


From: http://k12technology.weebly.com/app-smashing.html  

Start With~~~





ReadWorks provides research-based units, lessons, and authentic, leveled non-fiction and literary passages directly to educators online, for free, to be shared broadly. 


~Skill lessons covering author's purpose, main idea, and many more.


Reading Passages







Explain Everything



(Free alternative: ShowMe)


Collaborative and interactive whiteboard. ($5.99)


~Sketch out a story

~Read aloud from text


The Outsiders

Amelia Earhart





Book Creator





Combine video, text, images and audio to create original works

Youtube Playlist 


~Engage kids in storytelling 

~Teacher-created audiobooks


Girls Don't Play Basketball by Leah, Age 11




= App Smash~~~

1. Select a passage from ReadWorks


2. Import it into Explain Everything. Students read and record the passage and use pointer to indicate words as they read.


3. Bring into Book Creator and ask students to add reader response, or share own thoughts about passage.


Idea from Eileen Pasquini



More Smashing Ideas....






The Art of App Smashing


App-Smashing App-Pack X ThingLink

Greg Kulowiec's App-Smashing App-Pack with tutorials


6 Amazing App Smashes from ThingLink


Unleashing Creativity with App Smashing


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