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Passion Project

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Link to Alexandria Researcher:



Link to South Brunswick Public Library catalog:



Having trouble finding inspiration?


Maybe one of these topics will spark your interest!


Current Events   
ISIS  Refugees  Immigration 
Election 2016  Gun Control  Health Care 
Child Soldiers World Hunger  
School Issues
Dress Code Discrimination against girls Recess Homework
School Lunches School hours and teens/ Sleep cycles Plagiarism
Health/ Diseases   
Diabetes  Vaccinations or Immunizations/ Measles   
Today's World   
Government surveillance/ NSA wiretaps Hacking Fracking
Facial Recognition software/ Tracking people    
Natural Disasters
Tsunamis Volcano Eruptions


El Nino Flooding Climate Change
Mysterious Occurrences
Ghosts Alien life Area 51
Astrology Spirits Psychic Abilities
3D Printing Science of Star Wars Back to the Future/ Today
Drones Hover Boards Robotics
History's Mysteries
Disappearance of Amelia Earhart JFK Assassination Pyramids
Easter Island Stonehenge  
About Us
Body Image Teens and stress Procrastination
Handwriting Analysis Dream Analysis  Astrology
Social Media's impact on teens Life with: Autism/ Dyslexia/ etc. Our online reputation
Art/ Music/ Literature
Art Fraud or Hoaxes Did Shakespeare write his works Changing Nancy Drew
Spotify and Music rights Online Piracy  
New Dinosaur/ Prehistoric life discoveries Could you survive on Mars? Shark or animal tracking
Genetically modified foods  
Concussions Pay for Athletes Coaching strategies 
History of Barbie Dangerous toys and kids Climbing Mt. Everest


Have to write an argument essay? Here are some topics from the New York Times



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